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ABOUT corridor coffee club

corridor coffee club connects independent coffee shops with the people that love great coffee; like you!


About Us

At Corridor Coffee Club, we appreciate the culture surrounding indepenedent coffee shops and roasters. We also celebrate the experiences and community between family, coworkers, and friends when they gather around a table.

We understand how easy it is to get coffee from a large chain. After all, they offer amazing loyalty programs and often times have a drive-through that makes paying them a visit very easy.

We want you to take a moment and enjoy the unique experiences you will only find at an independent coffee shop. Our digital coffee passport program make easier than ever to discover and support independent coffee shops and roaster all around the area.

Our Goal for Impact

Our research regarding the coffee industry revealed some startling information. In 2022 alone, Starbucks spent over $400,000,000 dollars advertising for their 16,000 locations. How is a local independent coffee shop and roaster expected to compete with that. Our research also revealed a sincere desire of people to support independent coffee shops. Unfortunately, they don’t always find it easy to connect with them or have an incentive to go out of their way to visit.

Corridor Coffee Club, through our passport program, aims to provide a bit of leverage to independent coffee shops through what we call collective marketing. That basically means, helping independent coffee shops function more like a community that supports each other. The hope is that being seeing each other as neighbors, everyone could benefit.

Corridor Coffee Club, through our parent company, Corridor Publishing, leverages our various media platforms (print, social, and digital) to promote participating locations as a community. The best part is, our passport sales allow us to offer this at No-Cost to the coffee shop. We only ask that they provide ONE cup of coffee each month to our passport holders.

We are a Veteran Owned Business