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Supporting Independent Coffee Shops and Roasters

Get Ready to Enjoy Great Coffee with Corridor Coffee Club

Corridor Coffee Club celebrats independent coffee shops and coffee roasters. Through our digital coffee passport program, we aim to connect them to the community of supporters who love them and great coffee. So, join us today and enjoy great coffee while supporting independent coffee shops and roasters.

App of digital coffee passport

discover and explore independent coffee shops and roasters through our digital coffee passport program

A part of the Corrior Coffee Club Passport Program, you will have access to coffee deals and promotions accoss the area. Just show your digital passport when you visit a participating location to redeem your perk. Each month your offer will renew and you can cancel anytime.

Explore, Sip, Love, Repeat

Do you love great coffee and want to support local independent coffee shops? A digital passport membership allows you enjoy free coffee at participating locations around the area along with exclusive offers throughout the year. For less than 5 Dollars a month, you gain access to great coffee while also supporting independent coffee shops and roasters.

How the coffee passport Works

(Free Coffee benefits reset monthy)

3c mobile app

1. Visit a Participating Coffee Shop

Simply purchase your digital passport to get started and install our mobile app. (Apple and Android are supported.)

3c mobile app


The mobile app is location aware, meaning, it will automatically sort listings based on what offers and shops are closest.​

3c phone mockup32


Visit an independent coffee shop and show them your activated redemption voucher on your phone. Claim your benefit and enjoy.​

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